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About Babs Collective

Babs Collective is a safe and exclusive community for bold women to enhance the artistry of conscious life design, embrace the magic of womanhood and show up in their own uniquely beautiful way. 

At Babs all of you is welcomed. You can be fierce, soft, strong, gentle, bold, timid, ladylike, boisterous, demure, brash...the contradictory list goes on. 

You may have found in life that only some of you is welcomed. And when you express certain aspects they get shut down either by others or yourself. 

Babs is a place that invites and celebrates all of your womanly strengths. You'll find some of your greatest strengths in surprising places. For example there is immense strength in fear, vulnerability and sadness. You just need to be in a safe and loving place to experience this.

If you...

  • Feel the motivating force of your own potential, you know you have so much more in you, but you just...can’t...quite…get it out. (It SUCKS doesn’t it. This feeling is our old friend).
  • Dream of being free to do what you want but something invisible holds you back. 

  • Are inspired with ideas and dreams of possibilities but you shut yourself down with thoughts such as ‘Who does she think she is?’ and ‘Who am I to do that?’ 

  • Get super excited with way too many ideas and get in a spin about what to do first, then end up doing nothing and feel frustrated. 

  • Sometimes get frustrated with yourself, moderating and diluting your truth because you are afraid of causing upset.

  • Know and have experienced the joy of divine flow but it’s slippery and seems illusive.

  • Know that you compromise yourself because of a sense of duty.

    Then Babs has been lovingly created just for you.

If you're looking for...

  • Raw, real and honest connection with other badass women

  • To reclaim all of your awesomeness 

  • A safe space to grow, flourish and thrive as your authentic self

  • Greater pleasure, joy, more fun and a bloody good giggle

Then come and experience the Babs Magic
with our 30 day free trial

Inside the community you’ll discover sacred practices, explore together relevant topics that directly contribute to your self discovery and find the unconditional loving support that we all need to flourish and thrive. 

  • Weekly Live PrimeLight Sessions - Enhance your innate ability to consciously design your life with Babs Co-Founder Claire Whatley. One of a handful of PrimeLight teachers on the planet. 

  • Weekly Embody Your Divinity Sessions - Develop your deep inner wisdom through connecting with your body and divinity with Babs Co-Founder Wendy Harrington. Having had a taste of death and said ‘no thanks I’ll come back later,’ Wendy is super passionate about the gift of life. 

  • Monthly Lunar Cycle Rituals - Align with the vibration of the moon to create what you want in your life and release that which no longer serves you.

  • Monthly Topics to inspire, expand and delight you. Come and join the conversation. 

  • A safe space where you are championed to SHINE, unabashed, and connect with a group of amazing women, just like you, who are dedicated to living as their whole authentic powerful selves. 

  • Explore your questions - Leverage the collective wisdom of our amazing community of women to illuminate your world.

  • Invites to exclusive Babs parties, celebrations and gatherings.

It’s a place for raw and real friendships, interesting conversations, deep and meaningful connections, asking pertinent questions, falling about laughing with silliness, revelling in the delight of our unique expression of pussy magic, delving deeply into our unconscious programming, healing our wounds, harnessing our creative capabilities, forming great habits for our lives, increasing our vitality and being the greatest expression of ourselves. 

All lovingly designed so that feeling nourished and invigorated fits effortlessly into your daily life. 

If you're ready to ditch the shackles of outdated and outmoded ideas of what it means to be a woman, and instead you want to break out of the box of society’s conditioning and become untamed, unabashed and unleashed you’re in the right place.

Come and join the Babs Magic! 
Start your 30 day FREE trial today!

Membership to the community is a 12 month committment to yourself. You can choose to pay monthly or annually.
Monthly is approx £49 (we're UK based but the community platform is US based and currently only offers us the dollar option). If you pay annually you save yourself 2 month's membership approx £98.

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“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”  Shannon L. Alder

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